Hello! We are Limbo Essentials!

Limbo is a brand born from love and passion for healthy living, respect for the planet, and taking maximum care of our body and our environment.

“Mens sana in corpore sana” the balance between the spirit, mind and body in the best conditions and in the best balance.

This essence is what the two founders of this concept, Africa and Marina, share. Two engineers who, in the midst of our busy professional lives, had a vision.

Healthy living and sports need a healthy energy drink.

There are many energy drinks associated with enhancing energy, performance, strength or recovery for sports, but we envision a natural drink, capable of providing both these activating values, as well as relaxation properties, spiritual balance, rejuvenation and toning.

We find the ideal formula in the oldest drinks of traditional Japanese society. In the tea leaf, and specifically in macha tea, whose natural origin is green tea. The origin of tea is said to date back to 2737 BC when Emperor Shen Nong accidentally discovered it. Now, more than 4000 years later, our vision is fulfilled, with a perfect combination of a macha tea selected directly from a small town in Japan, enhancing its flavor and properties with excellent food supplements.

We are very proud to be able to offer you the result of our research, many hours of development, work and obsessive search for the best natural and healthy product. Our matcha tea with food supplements that we named Limbo Essentials.

We created Limbo Essentials with the purpose of spreading positive energy focused on well-being. We are passionate about challenging ourselves and exceeding our limits day after day, living the adventure with intensity, connecting with nature and enjoying the small moments with our friends to the fullest.

From the Limbo Essentials team, we want to take our passions to a higher level, and we would love for YOU to be part of it by accompanying us on this path.

What we are most passionate about...